All trips include sustainable accommodation, tours and car hire, plus the CO2 compensation of your whole trip

The adventurous side of Mauritius

Nature & adventure getaway

10 nights as from  €1,252 pp

Romantic explorers’ escape

Cultural & natural immersions

13 nights as from €2,636 pp

People, history & gastronomy

Meet with locals & food tours

10 nights as from €1,245 pp

Mauritius with kids (+6 years old)

Learning & wildlife experiences

10 nights as from €1,898 pp

Islets Hoping

Experiences for the whole family

From €757 pp

Mauritius with toddlers

Romantic eco-adventures

From €825 pp

Foodies Paradise

Mauritius diversity at its best

From €890 pp


Adventurer’s paradise

From €780 pp



  • There is just one word to describe my experience with Mauritius Conscious: AMAZING! The team was very kind and ready to help me with my planning in this beautiful country. I’m a student who wanted to do a trip full of adventure on my own. They made a perfect plan for me and when some things changed, Romina rearranged everything without any problem.

    conscious traveler
    Dieter Porton
  • Our holiday is not finished yet, but we are already satisfied 110%. We’ve not only visited interesting places and did our favorites activities in a wonderful island; the nicest thing is that thanks to Mauritius Conscious we met beautiful people that let us feel a little bit Mauritians and less tourists. Thank you very much to let us live that feeling!

    conscious traveler
    Yuga Rabiliv
  • I have to admit I am AMAZED! Thanks to MAURITIUS CONSCIOUS who showed me the real Mauritius. Romina and Gerald were the best planning my trip and I will totally recommend you to book through them and follow their advise and good vibes if you ever visit the island. I will definitely come back to keep exploring Mauritius. There is so much to see and these guys can make it a 100% eco-friendly trip!

    conscious traveler
    Andrea Ordoñez
  • Had a lovely experience with the people from Mauritius Conscious. Definitely the people to go to to learn about Mauritius, aside all the crowded tourist experiences!

    conscious traveler
    Aik Yang
  • They pushed my holidays to a new level.
    Mountain biking in forests, exploring caves, kayaking through mangroves, good connections to nice guest houses, tips for beaches and hidden spots. They helped me many times with quick responses to my questions. I absolutely like their concept and totally recommend these guys! Mauritius needs you! Keep up the good work.

    conscious traveler
    David-Ali Ungan
  • An eye opening experience. Mauritius Conscious gives the perfect combination of interaction with locals with the extra spice of being conscious of our effect as tourists on the environment. Ubuntu is core principle they practice without even knowing.

    conscious traveler
    Vuyelwa Lindi
    South Africa