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Flexible, Safe and Sustainable Trips

We get it, we live in crazy times…

… where natural disasters, pandemics, riots and border closures can happen from one day to the other. 2020 is teaching us that our business can’t stop these from happening; what we CAN do, is be better prepared to mitigate the impacts of the next unexpected event.

When it comes to travel, our priority remains to offer you peace of mind because frankly, this is what we´ve been here to do since day 1; help you navigate your travel arrangements and your special celebrations like a breeze, removing the uncertainty and time consumption that organizing sustainable holidays & getaways (even pre-COVID19) can bring.

So here´s a wrap-up of what you can expect from us:


Flexible bookings and cancellations


In times when “force majeur” has become our daily bread, we want to reassure you to book your dream trip to the Indian Ocean with free date changes and free cancellation up to 30 days before your departure.

Any deposit given for your trip will be held as credit for your next adventure, next Island destination, or transferred to a different traveller if you would like so:

Read our Peace of Mind Policy for more details.

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Financial Security

Papá Roberto always said “never spend the money you don´t have”. So we ditched credit cards, or spending bookers´ money beforehand (unlike other travel companies).

Your money invested on Mauritius Conscious won’t go anywhere else than to the small tourism businesses you choose to empower, when the time is right.

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 A Trip for a Trip Program

Did you know that most Mauritian girls and boys do not know their own country’s forests, waterfalls, mountains and coasts?

We work for a destination that locals get to enjoy as much as travelers do, so we are now investing the CO2 offsetting contributions of all our travelers´ trips to sponsor local kids to discover their own Island.

For every person booking a trip with Mauritius Conscious, a local kid from disadvantaged backgrounds gets a full-day outing somewhere they haven’t been before.

Mauritius Conscious Gift Cards

Empowering Trips and Gifts

We reviewed our inspirational itineraries to inspire you to support the entrepreneurs and micro enterprises that have been most affected by the impacts of COVID-19 because their livelihoods depend on tourism.

All our itineraries remain 100% customizable; get in touch with our Trip Designer if you wish to explore these options, or check-out our Conscious Gift Card to get a special discount😉


Transformational Fulfillment

For many of us, lockdown was an opportunity to put more emphasis on our health and well-being, whether this be through exercise, meditation, art, gardening or nourishing meals.

Mauritius Conscious designs with you trips to build upon the positive changes incorporated into your lifestyle.

We believe that your trips and experiences are part of your life-long journey, so we design them according to your style and interests, to assure lasting change for you.

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