A Trip for A Trip

Helping the children of today, for a better tomorrow.

Many children of Mauritius have never experienced the joy of discovering the natural beauty of their island. Many have never enjoyed the thrill of hiking a mountain, adventuring into the Gorges National Park, swimming in the pristine waterfalls, or explore the marine ecosystem that the ocean around them hosts.

This disconnection with the natural treasures of their country is not because they do not want to connect with it and explore it, it is because they have never been shown how to.

For many, going out to explore their island is out of their reach because of the socio-economic challenges the household they grow up in faces.

We find this heartbreaking, after all these children will be the custodian of our natural treasures in the future. With our A Trip for a Trip initiative, we aim to show them the richness of their island, its beauty, and its fragility for them to be able to better preserve it for generations after them.

About our philosophy of travel.

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Mauritius Conscious is a boutique travel company dedicated to creating bespoke sustainable trips in the Indian Ocean islands of Mauritius, Rodrigues, and Reunion island.

Our itineraries take you through the path less travelled, to lifetime encounters and to discover landscapes that will leave you in awe by their beauty.


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