Holidays in Rodrigues

Rodrigues, the gem of the Indian Ocean.

The island of Rodrigues is an autonomous territory of the Republic of Mauritius. Situated around 560 kilometers off the east coast of Mauritius island, Rodrigues is the hidden gem of the Indian Ocean. Compared to mainland Mauritius, Rodrigues is smaller in size – 108 square kilometers with a local population of around +41,000 people.

A holiday in Rodrigues is synonymous with disconnection from our busy world and an immersion into a world where the luxury of time takes all its sense. Mauritius Conscious invites you to escape from everything and embark on a bespoke trip that will take you to discover Rodrigues island in an unrivaled way.

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Our selection of places to stay in Rodrigues ranges from eco-conscious upscale hotels to authentic homestays carefully curated based on their commitments to the sustainable future of the island.

Our itineraries crafted with our local guides will allow you to explore Rodrigues through cultural tours, hikes, sea excursions, and incursions into the locals’ life through private curated experiences.

To start exploring how your bespoke holidays in Rodrigues could look like,  schedule a call back with our team to discuss your travel aspirations.



Why book your holidays in Rodrigues with us?

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Our itineraries in Rodrigues island will take you through the path less travelled to lifetime encounters and discovery of pristine landscapes that will leave you in awe of their beauty.

All our holiday experiences in Rodrigues are created with sustainable travel practices in mind. From offsetting the carbon footprint to empowering local communities and more.


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