Holidays to Mauritius

Holidays To Mauritius

Mauritius is an island nation located in the Indian Ocean around 800 km off the east coast of Madagascar. Holidays to Mauritius used to be only associated with pristine beaches and crystal clear lagoons.

Today, Mauritius has much more to offer as an island holiday destination and sustainable travel company such as Mauritius Conscious is leading the way to showcasing Mauritius to travellers in a uniquely immersive way.

To inspire yourself on how your holidays to Mauritius booked with Mauritius Conscious could look like, download our sample itinerary below. 

Download a sample Mauritius itinerary

Mauritius Holidays: A Burst of Diversity & Natural Beauty

Going on holidays to Mauritius will lead you to discover a destination full of diversity. Building on its long history of successive waves of colonisation, slavery and migrations, Mauritius has kept influences from its past in many aspects: people, gastronomy, architecture, languages and cultures making it a real melting pot of diversity.

The population of Mauritius is around 1.3 million people and the main fluently spoken languages are Mauritian Creole, English (the Official language) and French. Most Mauritian you will interact with will be able to speak either English and/or French with relative ease.

The natural beauty of Mauritius be it on land or at sea will leave you in awe! Our bespoke sustainable holiday packages will take you to discover Mauritius in an unrivalled way – with nature escapes, local encounters and authentic sustainable experiences that positively impact the local communities.

By curating a network of experiences and accommodations based on their commitments to sustainability, we make booking sustainable Mauritius holidays easy for you, so that you can enjoy a beautiful travel experience that also contributes to the sustainable future of Mauritius.

To plan your holidays to Mauritius simply  schedule a call back  from our team and together we shall craft your Mauritius holidays



Why book your holidays to Mauritius with us?

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Our itineraries in Mauritius will take you through the path less travelled to lifetime encounters and discovery of the pristine natural landscapes of Mauritius that will leave you in awe by their beauty.

All our Mauritius holiday experiences are created with sustainable travel practices in mind. From offsetting the carbon footprint to empowering local communities and more


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