COVID-19 Travel Updates | Mauritius Conscious

COVID-19 Travel Updates | Mauritius Conscious

Updated 29.05.2020 / 20h00 GMT

Mauritius will be lifting the national curfew on Sunday 31st May 2020.

The island will be stepping into the deconfinement plan, following rigorous sanitary procedures as businesses will resume their commercial activities. Restaurants, markets, malls and places of worships will be authorized to the public, as long social distancing is respected.

The island counts 3 active imported cases of COVID-19, from repatriated citizens who are quarantined since 25th May 2020.

Mauritian borders will remain closed until further notice. Only repatriation and cargo flights are authorized since this time of writing.

Updated 14.05.2020 / 09h00 GMT

Mauritius announced virus-free after total recoveries. No active cases were recorded as time of writing, marking 11th May 2020 as the day where no active cases were recorded for 15 consecutive days.

The government is working on The Covid-19 Bill and The Quarantine Bill to help the island get back on track by implementing policies to support businesses and ensure the safety of citizens when the lock down will be lifted.

Updated 05.05.2020 / 09h00 GMT

The national curfew in Mauritius has been extended until the 1st of June 2020, with some services re-starting operations in a phased manner as from the 15th May. Schools will reopen doors on the 1st of August 2020 and international borders will remain closed until further notice.

The total number of infected cases in Mauritius has stopped at 332, out of which 316 patients have recovered. There has been 0 new cases registered in the last 8 days, while the government is running a mass testing campaign with all front-lines. There are only 3 active cases in Mauritius as of time of writing.

Updated 07.04.2020 / 08h00 GMT
The curfew which was implemented on 23 March in Mauritius was extended till 15 April 2020.

Air Mauritius, the national airline has suspended all international commercial flights until 30 April 2020, in response to the outbreak of COVID-19 and the travel restrictions to Mauritius and most destinations to which it operates.

For more information, visit the page here: Air Mauritius Press Release

Updated 24.03.2020 / 08h00 GMT
A Curfew Order, to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 across Mauritius and to make citizens respect the national containment protocol, was implemented on Monday 23 March 2020 at 20h00 local time until Thursday 2 April 2020 at 20h00 local time.

Rodrigues Island is also in national lock-down since 21.03.2020 for 14 days.

Updated 20.03.2020 / 08h00 GMT
In an effort to reduce the impact of the COVID-19 in Mauritius, with the aim to limit the spread of the virus, the Prime Minister urged the citizens to stay at home. He cautioned that economic activities and transport services will be reduced to the strict minimum.

Mauritius will be in national lock-down for 2 weeks as from 20/03/2020.

Updated 19.03.2020 / 10h00 GMT
Three cases of COVID-19 have been registered in Mauritius, the night of 18.03.2020, following tests conducted on travelers for which they have been reported positive.

Following the confirmed cases, access to Mauritius for all passengers including Mauritian nationals at the airport will be denied for the next 15 days. Similarly, all cruise ships will be denied access at the Port.

A lock-down of all academic intuitions is in place since 19.03.2020 (pre-primary, primary, and secondary schools; technical and professional training centres; and tertiary institutions) as a preventive measure until further notice.

Updated 17.03.2020 / 15h00 GMT
At the time of writing, there have been no cases of COVID-19 reported in Mauritius and Rodrigues.

Reunion Island has confirmed 9 cases of COVID-19. Following the guidelines of WHO preventing the pandemic spread, Reunion Island will be in locked-down as from 17.03.2020.

Although Mauritius & Rodrigues Islands are still considered as a safe zone to travel, they remain vulnerable to the COVID-19.

The government has therefore extended travel restrictions applicable for 14 days as from 17.03.2020, for the following countries: Reunion, European Union, UK, Ireland, Norway and Switzerland.

For more information about countries listed as travel bans visit the Travel Alerts page of the Mauritius Tourism Board.

Updated 05.05.2020 / 09h00 GMT

  • Everybody is to wear a mask in public in Mauritius
  • Social or religious gatherings, outdoor activities as well as shopping centers, restaurants and other commercial establishments remain closed. Work from home is encouraged.
  • Social distancing measures are to be respected at supermarkets, shops and pharmacies, which residents can visit on assigned days following an alphabetical order (2 times per week per family). Temperature control and the use of anti-bacterial remains mandatory at the entrance of every supermarket.
  • Flu clinics have been installed at the entrance of every hospital to screen the symptoms of personnel and patients on a daily basis.
  • A total of 18,959 PCR tests and 26,275 Rapid Antigen Tests have been done as at date. No new cases have been reported in the last 8 days.
  • One hundred passengers have been set in quarantine for 14 days, as part of the repatriation efforts of stranded citizens in France, South Africa and India.

Updated 24.03.2020 / 08h00 GMT
Travel restrictions have been extended in view of the national lock-down and curfew in Mauritius. Mauritian borders are now closed for 15 days. Air Mauritius has been granted special authorization by local authorities to operate specific inbound flights and carry passengers to Mauritius. All passengers will be placed automatically in quarantine. Read more about the official press release from Air Mauritius here

Till this date, 25 quarantine centers have been made available in Mauritius. More information on the quarantine centers here

Updated 17.03.2020 / 15h00 GMT
Preventive measures are implemented in Mauritius and Rodrigues to avoid COVID-19 outbreak.

In-line with recommendations of the WHO, IATA, and other authoritative bodies, passengers arriving to Mauritius from all destinations are being screened by health authorities. Passengers displaying symptoms are also being subject to more thorough examination.

Read more about the meticulous precautions set by Air Mauritius and local authorities in the Air Mauritius COVID-19 FAQ page 

Four quarantine centers are actually in Mauritius for observation purposes. Travelers who have had possible exposure to COVID-19 (based on their past travels in affected destinations) are placed into hospital quarantine for approximately 14 days.

Our Peace of Mind Policy protects any existing booking happening up until the 30th of September 2020 and for all new bookings made from the 13th March 2020 until the 30th June 2020, should you decide it is not safe to travel as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic:

🌱 You can postpone your booking to a future travel date within 12 months of the original travel date.

🌱 You will only be responsible for covering any variation in price based on the cost for your new dates as a result of availability (i.e. room category) and seasonality (i.e. low or high season).

🌱 Bookings may be amended up to 6 weeks prior to the travel date after which point standard terms and conditions shall apply.

🌱 Shall airports or airlines close unexpectedly within the 6 weeks prior to a trip, travelers will be allowed to postpone their booking to a future date within 12 months of the original travel date.

🌱 Shall airports or airlines close unexpectedly throughout a traveler’s stay at destination, a 75% refund will apply on the nights / transfers or car rental / tours & excursions that the traveler does not take part in due to an emergency departure.

Download our Peace of Mind Policy here

Yes. Our trip designers remain available 24/7 to answer your queries and help you design a stress-cleansing trip for when the travel bans are lifted. Check out our Peace of Mind Policy above to learn how your travel plans are emergency-proof with us.

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COVID-19 Travel Updates | Mauritius Conscious

From the creation of Mauritius Conscious as a sustainable travel company 4 years ago, we’ve always let our hearts guide us in taking actions to positively contribute to the destinations we promote.

It is through our local hosts that we make travelers part of authentic experiences, contributing directly to small-island economies and helping preserve their natural gems. Check-out our Conscious Gift Card initiative to support the local green-preneurs and micro-small enterprises most affected by COVID-19.

In our aim to support local businesses bounce-back to a more resilient “New Normal”, we are delivering on-site, sustainable workshops to companies needing that extra push to navigate these awkward times. Get in touch with Romina at to get the ball rolling at your organization.

We are monitoring closely with our local government about the opening of borders situation, and updating this page constantly with COVID-19 related news in our destinations.

COVID-19 Travel Updates | Mauritius Conscious

Conscious Travelers,

In an era of climate emergency, I never thought I would be writing to you about (yet) another global threat, but we are adjusting our sails to this new challenge. Today, I write this letter to open a dialogue with you.

I won’t pretend that everything is fine. After months of the COVID-19  spreading throughout the world, the impact has also made it to our office, juggling with the mere mission of our business.  Gerald and I started up this venture with the aim to help travelers admire and preserve the beauty of the places they visit, while empowering the green-preneurs and local micro-to-small enterprises that safe-guard our Islands’ heritage. In times when Mauritius and Reunion borders are closed to travelers and the world population is self-quarantined, our mission can start to feel more like a hope.

But as Doc from Back to the Future said “Everything will be fine at the end, Morty. And if it is not fine, it’s because it’s not the end yet.”

So in the same spirit of our mission, Mauritius Conscious Travel adapts to the world’s breaking news. Keeping in mind our travelers’ safety, but also their plans for retreat and amusement once the situation calms down; prioritizing our Partners’ needs for economic support, and focusing on our contribution to society as sustainability change-makers. Staying true to this we’ve adapted our Terms & Conditions to give you peace of mind, and we keep looking and working on opportunities to stir our local micro-economies.

After all, our trips are designed to take individuals out to remote places in the wild, well away from the crowds.

Please continue reading our COVID-19 FAQ page below to find more details on the status of Mauritius, Rodrigues and Reunion Islands, as well as our Peace of Mind Policy covering all existing and new bookings. If you have any personal doubts of ideas, send me an email to – I’ll be glad to discuss them personally with you.

Stay well,

Romina Tello Soberanes
Founder of Mauritius Conscious Travel

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