Holidays to Reunion Island

Holidays to Réunion Island.

The island of La Réunion is located in the Indian Ocean at around 175 km to the southwest of Mauritius. Réunion Island is an overseas department & region of France with a population of ~ 860, 000 inhabitants with French as its official language. Together with Mauritius and Rodrigues, Réunion Island forms the Mascarene islands – a group of islands that shares the same volcanic origin taking its name from Portuguese sailor Pedro Mascarenhas.

Holidays to Réunion Island tend to be a little be less farniente and more active as compared to holidays to Mauritius. The abundance of nature and its contrasting landscapes of plains, volcanoes, snow-capped mountains, waterfalls, and cirques makes Réunion island an amazing destination to immerse in.

Our selection of places to stay in Réunion Island consists mainly of homestays and guesthouses, handpicked by us based on their commitments to sustainability. Our itineraries will take you to discover Réunion Island through cultural tours, magnificent hiking trails, marine expeditions, and private curated local experiences.

To explore how your holidays to Réunion Island could look like,  schedule a call back with our team to discuss your travel aspirations to this beautiful destination.

A Land of Beauty, Nature & Adventure.

Our holidays to Réunion Island will take you deep into the heart of the island to discover the cirques, to explore the local gastronomy, to observe & learn about the marine wildlife, and to push your own boundaries through exhilarating adventures. We will take you on an extraordinary voyage to discover a land of contrasting beauty, from lunar landscapes to gorgeous beaches to mesmerizing peaks.

To get some inspiration on how your holidays to Réunion Island could look like, download our customisable itinerary below.

Download a sample Reunion holidays itinerary

To plan your holidays to Reunion Island, simply  schedule a call back

with our team, we will reach back to you to start crafting your trip together.

Why book your holidays to Réunion Island with us?

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Our itineraries in Réunon island will take you off the beaten track to exhilarating encounters and the discovery of radically contrasting landscapes that will leave you in awe.

All our holiday experiences in Réunon island are created with sustainable travel practices in mind. From offsetting the carbon footprint to empowering local communities and more.


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