When planning their trip our guests very often ask us when is the best time to travel to Mauritius.
Our short answer to this is, any time during the year Mauritius is amazing! We also have a more detailed answer to that question, so if you are planning your holidays in 2023, please read on. You might just want to add a holiday in Mauritius to your travel bucket list.

A Sparkle in the Indian Ocean.

Close your eyes and imagine a holiday destination rich in colours from its lush tropical nature, exhilarating flavours you have never tasted in your life and a warm-hearted eclectic local population. Feel the crystalline ocean ever present around you, the constant ocean-scented breeze, the endless hues of green, and at the soul of this holiday destination, picture a cultural melting pot that draws its heritage from hundreds of years of history intricately linked to that of the world with timeless traditions that bind everything together. This is Mauritius Island.

This tropical paradise is located in the southern Indian Ocean, off the east coast of Madagascar. It takes a 12-hour flight from major European cities and a 6-hour flight from Dubai and the Middle East to reach here.

Summer Sun, Winter Sun, Southern Sun.

The island has two clearly distinctive seasons – summer from November to April and winter from May to October. That is in theory. In real life, Mauritius also has transition months in-between summer and winter. These transition months are your sweet spot if you want to travel to Mauritius “off-season” and get the best of what the island has to offer. These are the periods when we have the lowest number of travellers in the country and prices are a tad more affordable. The weather is softer and apart from some localised refreshing tropical rains, you are bathing in the southern sun most of the time.

If you want to go on a holiday in Mauritius, our advice is firstly to plan it ahead of time, as much as possible. A minimum of a couple of months before, this gives you (and us) the opportunity to truly plan a trip that will immerse you in the richness that this holiday destination has to offer.

When To Travel to Mauritius?

For us, it really does not change anything whether you are experiencing the destination in summer, winter or transition months. We will curate your experience with the same attention to detail and fine-tune your trip until it meets what truly works for you. 

So if you have a gap to fill in your 2023 travel calendar, be it as short as 7 days or as long as a month or more, go ahead and pen down Mauritius Island and let us show you this exceptional year-round holiday destination.

How to Plan for a Holiday in Mauritius?

Now that you understand that Mauritius is a year-round travel destination, planning for and booking a truly unique and authentic immersion in this tropical paradise might seem like a complex affair (and it is!). To make your trip planning process as great of an experience as the trip itself, our team is here to take the hassles out.

We craft trips that are authentic, led by locals and sustainable. Reach out to us and share your travel plans and we will take care of everything.

You can reach out to us via our website contact form to start planning your trip. If you would like to speak directly to us you can schedule a call with one of us or drop us a message via our Whatsapp channel at +506 8699 5081.

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