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Best Beaches in Mauritius

Deciding on the best of the best is no easy task when it comes to beaches in Mauritius. Throughout the island you will discover that every beach has its unique charm, so we came out with a thorough selection of the ones we consider “best” in their own way.

2 the north

Northern Beaches for commercial ambiance

Represented mostly by calm, shallow waters of a clear turquoise. The sand is white and fine as powder, well-visited by tourists and camping locals. Its commercial feeling gives it a lively, family-friendly vibe, where you can find hawkers selling fruits, souvenirs and water tours.

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3 the east

The East for long, unspoiled promenades

A lovely combination of talcky beaches, strong winds and exotic mangroves. Touristy but less commercial than the north- the eastern coast offers the perfect honeymoon brochure sights of Mauritius plus other unique sights, like beaches bordered with floating trees, exotic islets across the sea and the best snorkeling spots towards the SE.

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4 the south

The south: Seclusion au naturel

Special for the break of the coral reef barrier that surrounds most of the island. Instead of a peaceful lagoon you will find the purest expression of freedom through vigorous waves crashing on the cliffs. Bathing in the sea is dangerous and in some areas prohibited, but open your eyes for a calmer spot along the coast and enjoy the most secluded beaches of the island.

ATTENTION: Swimming in open seas can be dangerous and must always be done with caution. Be accompanied by more people and make sure you took good swimming lessons before testing the strong currents of the South. Above all, keep an eye (and a hand) on your kids!

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best beaches - 4th parallax (the west)

Adventure seekers, head to the west!

The coast that welcomes constant winds on the south for kite-surfers and clean waves on its central bay for surfers is also the coast where dolphins and whales make their appearance in the early mornings. The west hosts long sandy beaches protected by the coral barrier on the sea and by Filao shadows on the coast. Popular among locals and tourists, you will find food stands, fishermen and activity providers almost everywhere around.

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