Coral reefs of Mauritius

Coral reefs are not pieces of stone neither natural souvenirs to take back home for your bathroom (unfortunately!). They are living organisms and, in fact, they make-up one of the most varied and valuable ecosystems in the world.

  • Coral reefs are where little fish and other species find their food and shelter. Little fish are the main source of food for bigger fish, which constitute one of the main sources of food (and economy) for human beings. When corals die, thousands of species are left homeless, without a safe place to reproduce and at hand of predators.


  • Corals help control the levels of carbon dioxide in the ocean by converting it into limestone shells. If it wasn’t for their miracle, carbon dioxide levels would rise enough in the oceans to affect all living organisms on Earth.
  • Barrier reefs protect land and humans from natural threats like tsunamis, cyclones and even sharks. They are nature’s breakwaters that can slow down strong currents or tropical storms that would otherwise break directly into the coastline.
  • Corals are one of nature’s expressions of art. Their diversity in shapes, colors and the species they shelter, attract a considerable number of travellers and locals to enjoy their views. If they lost their unique characteristics, tourism industry and overall economy wouldn’t take long to feel their effect.

Unfortunately, climate change, pollution and unsustainable fishing are harming coral reefs at a faster pace than they can recover themselves. Corals benefit us globally and in the same way we should all take actions to preserve them. Learn more about reef-friendly sunscreen & why choosing organic produce protects coral reefs.

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