A place you can’t miss in Mauritius is the beautiful village of Chamarel, distinctive for its lush vegetation and cultural attractions. Located on the mountains on the southwest, Chamarel hosts mainly a Creole population that has built an economy around tourism, with plenty of family-run restaurants and ecotourism attractions.

Give a try to our artisanal rum from La Rhumerie de Chamarel, a museum-distillery presenting the eco-friendly manufacture from sugarcane to rum; or well, head for a tea degustation to our tea plantations nearby, at Bois Cheri, where you’ll be able to immerse yourself into tea-plucking personal tours.

Options for nature lovers are as well extensive. Chamarel welcomes endemic species of plants and birds in its forest, same that you’ll be able to admire in bird-watching hikes, Ebony reforestation activities and horseback riding promenades. Amelie and Laurent have designed a comprehensive circuit on electric bikes, including Chamarel Waterfall, the 7 Colour Earths, biking through its winding roads and a delicious Mauritian lunch.


Ask for your needs and wants and we’ll take you to discover Chamarel in the most conscious way.

Planning to stay around?

Chamarel roadtrip viewpoint

Nearby attractions

  • Birdwatching tours, hike to Piton Canot and reforestation activities of Ebony endemic trees
  • Immersion into Mauritian tea plantation with tea tasting
  • Grand Bassin: Sacred Hindu lake
  • Le Palais de Barbizon: Authentic Mauritian cuisine, service & value for money
  • Roadtrip:
    Fantaisie (Road B104) – Descent from Chamarel to Baie du Cap
    Or well, descent from Chamarel to Case Noyale during sunset

Photo: Viewpoint from Chamarel’s descend to Case Noyale