Le Morne

Le Morne Brabant is our famous mountain-peninsula at the west-south of the island. It was declared World Heritage Site by the UNESCO due to its cultural value, earned from the evidences that the mountain served as a fortress to shelter fugitive slaves in the 18th century. Le Morne is thus a symbol of the fight for freedom, suffering and sacrifice from the Creole “maroons”. That being said, we would give a second nomination to the mountain for its scenic views when you climb it, but we are here to talk about its beaches, right?

Calm during summer (November to March) and agitated during winter (April to October), they are always a must in your visit to Mauritius. The landscape is just beautiful at any time. During winter Le Morne is the kite-surfing spot of excellence, dressed in points of all possible colors from the people of all nationalities flying their kites in the lagoon. The ambiance is lively and familiar, with possibilities to grab a lesson on the spot or just chill on the beach.

During summer the coin flips to show its simple face. When the winds are not present, the lagoon remains steady as a lake, with a backdrop of mountains and blue skies that take you to far-away places. During the early morning (before 11am) the kiter’s beach is deserted, presenting you an isolated paradise to swim, fish, meditate or read your favorite book in the sand.

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