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Churches, Temples & Mosques of Mauritius


In a world where thousands of people die in the war of intolerance, it is an honour to find a country where different beliefs share common grounds in peace and harmony.

Mauritius population is made-up by 48% Hindus, 33% Christians, 17% Muslims and 2% of other religious minorities, but what is special of these doctrines is the openness and acceptance towards the different others. Some think it’s the peaceful coexistence between Indians, Africans, Chinese and Europeans that populate the island what taught them to embrace diversity; others, are grateful for their ethnically mixed government that embraces minorities.

The secret formula remains secret and admirable, on how ethnic identity is reinforced in civic associations, but becomes irrelevant where it matters most: politics, economic growth and areas of common interest. At the end we are all Mauritians and our similarities are weightier than our differences: we all like to eat, drink and public holidays at the beach!


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