port louis

Port Louis

The Grand Bazaar stands at the edge of the port, overflowing in tropical produce and people. Street food sellers operate in every street corner offering deep-fried specialties from Indian influence and French-like pastry. Pedestrians elude motorbikes and motorbikes evade buses, while some try to fit three cars in a two-lane street to get out of the heat. Chinese-Mauritians speak broken French in their tabagies and Indian-Mauritians await their next customer in their old-fashioned barber shops. A Creole sells pink grilled peanuts and there’s suited ladies hurrying on high hills to work. That is Port Louis, a frenzied mix of past and present where deep traditions find their place in the XXI century.

To get a deeper, historical understanding of Port Louis, anthropologist Maya and historian Shakti take you on cultural walking tours through the corners of our peculiar capital.

Discover a city of old trades, street food and artisans with us:


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My Moris. Cultural tours of Port Louis

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Picture by Karl Ahnee: Waiting at the barber shop. From our cultural tours.