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Hiking the Black River Gorges National Park

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Best mountain trails

Le Pouce – Marked & shaded woods / steep, elevated rocks to reach the summit / magnificent 360° views of the island
Piton de la Petite Rivière Noire – Shaded, steady, wide trail / views to Le Morne, the W lagoon and Tamarin Bay
Le Chat et La Souris – Well worn shaded woods / Amazing views of Mauritian Flying Foxes and the whole East lagoon

Le Morne – Non – shaded trail / steep & rocky inclination to reach the summit / best views of the SW lagoon
Lion Mountain – Technical hike / Shaded woods, native flora / stunning views to the SE lagoon

Pieter Both – Iconic mountain, 2nd highest / guide & climbing gear required to reach the summit
Les Trois Mamelles – Steep & rugged hike / panoramic views of the southwest

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Underground exploration in the
Caves of Roches Noires

Roches Noires is a busy village at the north-east of the island, popular for its basaltic rocks (thus its name, “Black Rocks”).

Those large black blocks on which you often stand represent the top of underground tubes where lava used to pass. Remember Mauritius is a volcanic island, and Princess Margaret Caves are five interconnected openings of the tubes that allow you access into an underground world of pure air, perfect darkness and complete silence. You can’t imagine anything like this in Mauritius, which makes it a must-discover while in the North! Note: Good lanterns and hiking shoes are required.

Our conscious guides take you here as part of our leisurely mountain biking experience, where you’ll also get to discover the turquoise beaches of Roches Noires and the Bras d’Eau National Park. It is an easy-medium level experience open for the whole family!

Waterfalls in Mauritius

Hiking to waterfalls


Being a very rainy little nation, waterfalls are one of the most beautiful scenarios spread all around the island. Adventure yourself to find an oasis following the routes of:

Moka waterfalls (center) – Easy

Grand Rivière Sud-Est (east) – Easy

Eau Bleu (south-east) – Easy

500 Pieds Cascade (south west) – Medium

Mare aux Joncs (south-west) – Medium

7 Cascades (west) – Medium/hard

Water hike to Ile aux Benitiers

Fancy walking on water?

You hear it well. If you have never walked on water to an isolated island, then better get your water shoes ready to start today! Mauritius being surrounded by a steady, shallow lagoon, opens the possibility to walk across its low tide to a few islets close to the shore. Give it a try to discover the beautiful Îlot Forneau off the coast of Le Morne and Île aux Bénitiers from the coast of La Gaulette.

While tourist traps invite you to the last one on a boat, our friends and well-being guides take you for a water hike in their wellness retreats that challenge your perceptions (and mental conversations) by walking to the other side of the sea.

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 Local friends a.k.a. professional guides


  • Yemaya Adventures: Mountain biking in National Parks and hiking Le Pouce Mountain.
  • Electrobike: Discovery of Le Morne in electric bikes to cover longer distances
  • JB: Our trusted independent guide for all your free-style explorations.
  • Otelair: Rope climbing the Pieter Both and abseiling the 7 Cascades.