Local Arts & Crafts

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Reducing our environmental impact, supporting the livelihood of entrepreneurs and contributing to the local economy

 These are some of the significant benefits that rise from buying local. Embark in this creative journey to unveil our recommended places to shop local arts & crafts in Mauritius.


Recycling is so Uplifting!

The recycling of objects to turn them into art is embedded in Mauritian culture.

It is an old tradition embodied by beautiful local hands who work on ceramic, bamboo, textile and coconut to produce unique souvenirs.

Empowering women living in vulnerable regions in Mauritius, Baz’Art Kreasion created a collective of women to support them through skill-share and develop beautiful craft products from recycled paper.

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Added to them now are modern artisans recovering wood pallets and driftwood from the beach to produce home decor and natural souvenirs. During your trip, find an array of heart-made, little objects when staying at Vanilla House Guest House or visiting the Ebony Forest Reserve.


Preserving Traditional Know-How

Where Tradition meets Artistry

Ship modeling has, since its appearance in the island (1968), been a source of pride for Mauritian artisans. The detailed ship replicas are based on original plans and brought to scale, where they are 100% hand-made. In the several workshops around the island you will be able to appreciate the craftsmanship from closer and even request a custom ship model for yourself.

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Basketery is a tradition that has passed from mother to child the artistry on how to braid “tente” from leaves of vacoas, sugarcane leaves, bamboo or aloe. The leaves are firstly cut into stripes and then set to dry under the sun. They are then softened with a knife so they can be easily knitted as the base for the popular beach bags, hats, mats and lamp heads.

Talented local artisan, Shivani, invites you to her home for a unique experience where she will teach you to weave your own bracelets and necklaces from pandamus leaves. What a better souvenir from Mauritius than the one you learnt to make with the artisan?

Learn more about this Conscious Experience!


Tuning to the Roots

Local Music Anchored in History

The ravanne is a round tambourine that varies in sizes according to the pitch desired. Hand-crafted with animal skin, it is warmed-up over fire to loosen it up before playing. The beats then set the rhythm for the other musicians and the dancers who jiggle and twirl around the bonfire.

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Not so long ago, this represented the only way of entertainment for African slaves, who, after a whole day of work in the sugarcane plantations would gather at night to dance at the beach. Sega is the music of oppression and party, the purest expression of Mauritius people.

Explore the many facets of our sega culture with Daniella, a talented poet and ravanne connoisseur who will take you on a historical journey packed with authentic melodies.


Rum, spice, and everything nice

From crafted rum and beer to vegetable pickles,
maceration is the key

Mauritius is one of the few countries that still elaborates agricultural rum, sourced from the distillation of fresh, fermented sugar cane (commercial rum comes from the distillation of molasses). Its specific aroma and flavor make it very appreciated as a high-quality rum, although Mauritius’ distinctive creation is the artisanal maceration made with fruits and spices of the island such as vanilla, coffee, orange peel and nutmeg.

Cuisine lovers will find pretty interesting the array of fruit and vegetable pickles macerated in saffron, oil and chili, ready to bring to life the simplest dishes and to share the taste of Mauritius with your loved ones back home.

Conscious arts & crafts

rum tasting

A taste of Mauritius to enjoy back home

  • Agricultural rum macerated in fruits & spices from Domain de Labourdonnais.
  • Mauritian craft beer: blonde, amber, Belgian-style wit & experimental IPA from the Flying Dodo Brewery
  • 100% home-made macerated rum: More than 40 original flavors At Linda’s Place.
  • Chamarel coffee beans, 100% Arabica
  • Pima confi & fruit achards: At Port Louis Central Market

Picture: Award-winning macerated rums from Domaine de Labourdonnais.


Zero-Waste Shops in Mauritius

  • L’Ecolo, le coin zero dechet: Featuring natural, sustainably sourced and eco-friendly products
  • Good Old Thyme: Eco concept store boasting local sustainable products and bulk produce

Picture: L’Ecolo, le coin zero dechet


Local Markets worth a visit

  • Port-Louis Grand Bazaar: Everyday open, Saturday half day, Sunday closed
  • Mahebourg Central Market: only on Monday
  • Bazaar de Grand Baie: Mondays to Saturday, Sunday closed
  • Clothes Market in Quatres Bornes: Thursdays & Sundays