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Eastern winds of 18 to 35 knots call for speed rides and jumps

If you know what I mean…

The coasts of Africa are well-known for their strong-blowing winds and Mauritius never lets down Mama Africa. Head to the south-west coast, to Le Morne, to find the focus of local and international kite surfers in Mauritius. While the lagoon represents a shallow, steady environment for beginners, the outside of the barrier is well known for its permanent waves that will literally blow-you-away.

Our good friends from Son of Kite take you kiting or stand-up paddling in Le Morne with your #IslandLife Pass.

For unspoiled kite-surfing spots head towards the north-east to Anse la Raie and Poste Lafayette, where fierce winds await in less crowded beaches – but only share this with your cool friends.


Mangrooves exploration

Mauritius’ eastern littoral is greatly covered by mangroves, the “floating” trees growing between land and sea, thus acquiring characteristics from both environments. These rooty ecosystems border several beaches and islets, making exotic pathways to discover in kayak.

Paddle your way to the pristine waters of Ile d’Ambre, where Yemaya Adventures takes you for a snorkel session in the magroves’ natural aquarium while they tell you about their relevance to the coastal and marine environments. Not for nothing they’re favorite Partners of the #IslandLife Pass!

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SUPerior views, SUPerior workout

Mauritius lagoon & rivers offer a faultless setting to try the stand-up paddle (a.k.a. SUP), a splendid workout that awakens your core to earn stability, your legs to achieve balance and your back and arms to paddle around the sea. Plus, it is the conscious alternative to admire the transparent waters of the Indian Ocean, rather than on a boat.

Rent A SUP is our conscious recommendation for this sport. The young team of Mauritian entrepreneurs stole our hearts with their organic picnics 100% waste-free and locally sourced.

Photograph: Amaury Bouchet



Surfers welcome!

Back in the 60’s and 70’s Mauritius’ Tamarin Bay was known for its world-class surfing waves. Australian surfers dreamed of experiencing the legend of “Santosha”, the cover name they gave to the surfing bay so that amateurs couldn’t find it easily. I tell you, this wave was probably THE happening since the abolition of slavery, until natural sand replacement changed its course and the world’s attention to other coasts.

Today, Tamarin stands nostalgic but proud as the preferred surfing spot for Mauritians, where smaller breaks help beginners ride their first waves inside the bay and clean rights and lefts are ridden over the reef. The village is well- worth a visit to enjoy its surfer vibe.

Conscious activities and rentals

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Winds, waves and shallow lagoons


  • Yemaya Adventures: Sea kayaking through mangroves in Ile d’Ambre and through caves in Pointe aux Caves
  • Rent a SUP: Stand Up Paddle & kayak excursions in Tamarin River & Bay. Rentals all around the island.



Picture: Stand Up Paddle from Dalblair ship wreck with Fil’a’lo Boat House