Under the Sea

Snorkel in Pomponettes Beach, Mauritius

Water Activities in Mauritius

Lazy days for laying on the sand may become the most surprising if you choose the right beach. Bel Ombre and Pomponettes offer fantastic fields of corals in the lagoon, at a short swimming distance from your comfortable towel. Make sure to wear reef-friendly sunscreen to protect your skin and the marine life.

For snorkeling tours in Blue Bay Marine Park, our certified Marine Guides invite you to discover it with an eco-conscious approach. JP, the founder of the Boat House, is as well the founder of the Lagon Bleu Project, dedicated to sensitize the local community as well as tourists on the protection of our lagoon.


Coral reefs in Mauritius…

Are some of the few to have escaped the bleaching event of the ‘98 in the western Indian Ocean, where a rise in sea temperatures had devastating effects on neighboring islands.

We are lucky to remain known as one of the best scuba diving and snorkeling destinations on the area; as we are conscious that, under current climate circumstances, we won’t get lucky twice. Bottom line: we are proud to share the miracle of our reefs with conscious travelers, but their conservation depends of how mindful you are when visiting the island.

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Scuba diving

A must experience in Mauritius

Breathing under water and belonging to that peaceful environment, a quiet world you perhaps didn’t even imagine: Underwater caves, ship wrecks, corals and anemones sheltering multi-shaped fish. Mauritius offers countless adventures for all diving levels.

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Looking for bigger mammals?

When the waters get colder (Jun-Oct) we get ready to greet migrant whales in our tropical waters. The acrobatic Humpback Whale visits Mauritius every year for reproducing purposes, on the search of warmer currents than their habitual polar seas.

Good news for whale lovers is, even outside the winter months and just with a little luck you can still spot huge Sperm Whales, who stay around our waters throughout the year.

Conscious activities and centers


Snorkel & scuba diving

  • Snorkeling excursions in Dalblair ship wreck and Blue Bay Marine Park
  • Specialized eco-dives for all levels in Pereybere
  • Diving for all levels in Flic en Flac
  • The Mauritian Underwater Group (MUG) – for residents (members)


Picture: Snorkel at Point aux Piments