The South

Mauritius' secluded beaches

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Traditional and slow-paced, the south remains the least touristy-developed area of the island, attracting lovers of secluded beaches and unpretentious villages. It is perhaps due to its high cliffs and raging seas that sandy holiday seekers divert their attention to Mauritius’ calm lagoons, leaving the South for semi-virgin beaches and famous kitesurfing spots.

Show me the beaches

Le Morne Mountain, Mauritius

Le Morne Brabant

Our mountain-peninsula has well earned a reputation as a World Heritage Site due to its cultural background, honoring the sacrifice and suffering of fugitive slaves that found refuge in its mountain. That been said, we would give a second nomination to the site for its scenic views when hiked and its daring waves when kited.

Our professional guides invite you to bike the southern coast from Bel Ombre to Le Morne in a cultural and natural discovery of The Slaves Route. Their electric bikes are our conscious recommendation for those seeking a long-range tour that does not hurt the environment and takes you off the beaten path.

Le Souffleur, Mauritius

The southern cliffs

The South shore makes up for exceptional viewpoints due to its contrast of colors between black cliffs of basaltic rock, red earth, and a deep blue ocean crowned with white foam. Head to La Roche qui Pleure, Le Souffleur or Ponte Naturel and climb over cliffs to feel the strength of waves crashing in front of you. While bathing is dangerous in such areas, we recommend you to hike around the coast to find the serene spots of unspoiled beach to keep enjoying the show.

Rochester Falls, Mauritius

Rochester Falls

A refreshing stopover in your road trip around the south.

Accessing the waterfall is not the easiest task but hey, this is perhaps the only waterfall that doesn’t require a hike. Following a map and hand-painted signs you will navigate through sugarcane fields in the area of Savanne. The road gets trickier and muddier, which increases the value of the reward. Basaltic rectangles sharply carved by water’s erosion over a thousand years’ time.

Being a popular attraction, you’ll find locals jumping off the walls and self-appointed guides trying to rip you off. The visit to Rochester Falls is free of charge, so be careful of what you agree to buy!

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Nearby Attractions

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  • Electric bike: Natural and cultural discovery from Bel Ombre to Le Morne
  • Zip-lines: 6 cables across mountains and rivers in the wild South!
  • River trek: Guided adventure through a river and jumping off waterfalls
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Picture: Ilot Forneau from Le Morne Disembarkation Point, where the water hike starts

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