The East

Poste de Flacq beach, Mauritius

The eastern coastline

A varied combination of long, white beaches, strong winds and mangroves. Touristy – but less commercial than the north – northeastern beaches offer the perfect Mauritius’ honeymoon brochure. But it just starts there! Taking the B28 serpentine road towards the South will bring you around traditional and slow-paced villages like Grand Rivière Sud-Est & Bois des Amourettes.

Don’t miss a visit to the Blue Bay Marine Park, where Mauritius’ marine biodiversity is safe-guarded by the Marine Guides from Lagon Bleu Project in alliance with Fil’a’lo Boat House – Just ask for an eco-tour and we’ll help you out!


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Sagar Shiv Mandir

Ile aux goyaviers

Of the coast of Poste de Flacq, a thin land bridge leads you to Ile aux Goyaviers, place of worship for Lord Shiva receiving Hindu-Mauritians and curious travelers every day. Surrounded by calm waters the temple is especially beautiful during sunrise, when the eastern sun reflects its colors on the sea. Ride a bike through its surroundings for an energized start of your day enjoying more of Mauritius culture.

Cultural places to Visit in Mauritius. Poudre d;Or,

A traditional village,
Poudre d’Or

Poudre d’Or is a traditional village situated in the North-East coast, between sugarcane plantations and the sea. It showcases the Mauritian kind of life that opens way to spirituality, fishermen in pirogues and washerwomen in the river washing even thoughts. Where slow-paced is still the pace to walk, talk and sit in a shadow watching the dogs.

Shakti and Maya take you here for a cultural tour, where they treat you to beautiful encounters with the people of the place and their daily lives. Fierce protectors of our cultural heritage they are, which is why we love to include them in our People, History & Gastronomy package.


Photo: Inhabitants of Poudre d’Or by By Gilliane Soupe.


Brasdeau parallax

Bras d’Eau National Park

Adventurers in the northeast, let me introduce you to Bras d’Eau National Park.

Less-popular than the Black River Gorges, this natural reserve awaits with as much beauty and mystery, welcoming hikers and mountain bikers into its perfectly signalized trails. Its charm lies between the thick, endemic, forestry areas, where the Mascarene Paradise Flycatcher sings its song to catch the attention of visitors. The endemic bird is unique to the Bras d’Eau Forest, the only place where you’ll be able to spot it apart from Yemen, in Mauritius.

The easy level trail is perfect for a soft Sunday hike, or our professional guides can take you for an extraordinary mountain-bike ride.

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Ice man at Mahebourg waterfront

Nearby Attractions

  • Mahébourg: The 1st port of Mauritius, with its beautiful waterfront
  • Lion Mountain: Medium-level hike for stunning views of the southeast lagoon
  • Le Chat et La Souris: Easy-level hike for panoramic views of the eastern lagoon
  • Poudre d’Or: Cultural tour by bicycle and foot of a traditional fishermen village
  • Ile d’Ambre: Sea-kayaking excursion through mangroves in an isolated island

Picture: The ever-acclaimed Ice Man at Mahébourg Waterfront

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