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Tamarin is well-worth a visit to enjoy its surfer vibe and street art. The extended beach has sand of a darker color due to the mix with earth that comes down the river; that, together with the constant flow of waves and wind that comes into the bay, give to this place a genuine au naturel feeling that contrasts with other beaches in the island. On the left side of the river you will find locals and travelers sharing the shadows of Filao trees; some practicing slack-line, others eating boulettes and faratas, all sharing the dramatic mountainous backdrop of Les Trois Mamelles.

Tamarin, together with Le Morne, is the favorite spot for local surfers to ride waves on the break of the reef and for beginners to catch their first rides closer to the shore. Dolphins also come to these waters to sleep, reproduce and socialize, which has become a major attraction for dozens of motorized boats (with tourists) in the bay each day.

As far as we’re concerned, it wouldn’t be cool for you to do those activities with a bunch of people watching over. We believe that dolphins deserve their peace and privacy as well, but if it’s anyway in your plans to visit them, then we recommend you to take a stand-up-paddle or kayak excursion. The experience will be much more gratifying and environmentally friendly.

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