Organic Markets and Farms

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Organic markets, closer from you

Bereaved of chemicals
Bursting in nutrients
Better taste


Nourishing your body with natural nutrients while supporting our local farmers and eco-conscious businesses. This does sound divine, right?

Whether you are a seasoned vegetarian or a vegan aficionado in Mauritius, here are the top Organic Markets & Shops to keep handy!


Organic Markets

To our luck, the practice of organic farming is spreading in Mauritius slowly but surely, setting small organic markets in focal points to reach the population. Le Velo Vert are organic farmers you can follow, as well as the group of certified companies by Ecocert that produce herbs, teas, dried fruits and essential oils. For organic spices, grains, cereals and more, visit Mantra Mauritius.

Farmbasket also provides organic produce that are freshly harvested and sustainably grown. Got a busy schedule on your hands? No worries! Swap your basket for a cart and shop online through their website!


Organic Shops you need to visit

Looking to invest in ethically sourced and eco-friendly products? From shopping in bulk to choosing the eco-friendly alternative to your favourite essentials, here are the top organic shops that deserves a stop in Mauritius.

Morganic is a passion project that join forces with conscious suppliers across the island to offer a range of sustainable products such as body care, food & beverages, home and garden products and many more. Do you fancy yourself a ‘one-stop-shop’ for your grocery shopping? Nature’s Basket is the place to be, boasting a variety of organic produce and even it’s own smoothie bar to quench your first after shopping!

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If bulk shopping is your jam, arm yourself with your reusable bags and mason jars and head to Neofoods. A haven for healthy vegan meals and homemade products from local artisans.

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What about animal products?

Consider switching to plant-based proteins such as pulses, grains and greens! Reducing the consumption of animal products is the best way to mitigate climate change and a wise, affordable alternative to improve your family’s health.

In Mauritius you will find villagers on the street selling a small amount of fresh eggs from garden-risen hens – the best way to know is to ask! La Ferme Mon Choisy sells free-range chicken and eggs as well. These are often smaller in size but bursting in flavor and nutrients, rather than antibiotics that commercial farmers inject to increase yield.

Similarly, look for local fishermen selling the catch of the day. You will most likely find them on a Saturday morning on the beach of any fishing village, at around 9:00am.

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Eco-friendly products for domestic use

Try to switch from products labelled “Danger / Caution / Warning” to softer alternatives nontoxic enough that they require none of the signal words above on their label.

When ingredients are listed, choose products made with plant-based, instead of petroleum-based, ingredients.

Health Solutions Market offers a wide-range of household organic products such as soap and toothpaste, extending to coconut oil, super foods and a variety of goodness-loaded products. L’instant Bio offers organic make-up and biodegradable cleaning products good for your home and the world.

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Planting your own garden

With Mauritius’ blessed weather, it would be a waste not to grow your own, clean produce from home. Being it a garden, a balcony or on the roof, there’s always a way to acquire love-loaded veggies for your peeps. Orgasmic Garden are proud creators of their fruit, vegetable, flower and mushroom paradise from home. They are local innovators of natural fertilizers (Bokashi) and pesticides (Ant-e-ant) among other gardening and composting techniques that you’ll be able to learn directly from them if you reach out. Happy gardening!



Get your hands muddy and heart happy!

Join our Conscious Partners in their farms or home-stays and indulge in authentic experiences! From family-friendly activities to collecting fresh produce from the garden to cook and feast on the table, you will step out with a new agricultural skills!

Learn more about this Conscious Experience!

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Venture out with Gael for a memorable Permaculture immersion, a full day packed with botanical treks exploring naturally grown produce and learning it’s benefits both for nature and humans. Finish off with a delicious home-cooked meal under his handmade cabana as you sip local rum and share stories of sustaining a better tomorrow!

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Conscious farmers and products

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Shops and markets

Get your weekly dose of organic produce from farmers certified Ecocert in Mauritius

  • Every Monday in Grand Baie, La Croisette (infront of L’istant Bio) from 12h to 17h
  • Every Wednesday in Ruisseau Créole, Rivière Noire (next to MCB) from 15h to 16h30
  • Every Saturday in La Place Cap Tamarin from 10h30 to 12h
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Organic Restaurants


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