Diwali in Mauritius

The Festival of the Lights. One of the most important Hindu celebrations year-round, commemorating the victory of light over darkness.

Mauritius being highly influenced by the Indian culture, embraces this public Holiday with honours. During one day, families dress their (very well cleaned) houses in lights and lamps, opening the way to good vibes. Women decorate themselves with henna mehendi while other women prepare traditional Indian sweets. The towns and cities around the island (like Triolet, Petite Raffray and Quatre Bornes) organise parties to host their neighbours. The celebration starts at sunset, when the streets get full of people, frying oil, prayers to Lutchmee Laa (the Goddess of Wealth) and gun powder from fireworks. From the outsider’s eye, this looks pretty much like an Indian curry made out of New Years’ Eve, Mexican Day of the Death and your country’s National Day.  

Lit up houses set the mood for a clean, bright celebration. People are wearing their best clothes, if not new ones, to commemorate this day. Families are so humble the “only” thing they have is love, unity, traditions and smiling kids eating gato patate to remind us that, in the end, the good indeed reigns over bad.


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