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Mauritius Conscious is a heart-made travel company that specializes in providing sustainable travel experiences to visitors and residents of Mauritius.

Our business started when a Mexican with a dream to re-shape travel practices met a Mauritian with a dream to change positively his country. Romina and Gerald both worked in Hospitality in different countries, just enough to realize the positive and negative impacts that the travel industry may have on local communities and the environment.

They decided to quit their mainstream jobs and start something meaningful of their own. And so they met in Mauritius, where they joined their skills on Development of Sustainable Tourism and Digital Marketing to build a new project together.

Mauritius Conscious was created from the belief that, to aim for a long-lasting, unique destination, we ought to change our spending behaviors in the present; to become more conscious about their consequences.

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Romina & Gerald
Founders of Mauritius Conscious: Romina Tello & Gerald Ami
Mauritius Conscious Travel


Conscious is short for we are aware of our impacts on the island and act responsibly about them.

All Mauritius Conscious holiday providers have been assessed with our Conscious Travel Assessment: an evaluation demanding evidence of their usual practices and engagements, with the aim to validate their efforts towards sustainability.

Businesses are examined in the criteria concerning their direct operations, covering environmental, social, economic, ethical and authenticity aspects.

All in all, a Conscious Partner strives to offer a better place to live in, for locals and for travelers.



Every trip we plan is unique in its own way, but one thing they all have in common is their anchor to our Tourism Policy; the set of values, guidelines and strategies that shape all our experiences. These are some of the things that make us different:


1. We are committed to offer authentic holiday products with a direct link to Mauritian culture, heritage or history.


2. We are committed to offer CO2-free alternatives to commercial tourist activities along with public transport routes to reach them, as part of our carbon offsetting plan.


3. We are committed to defend animal welfare, discarding activities depriving animals from their natural rights (walk with lions, crocodile park) or invasive to their natural habitats (swim with dolphins).


4. We are committed to shape conscious trips that destine a minimum of 15% of the revenue generated to local micro-enterprises or NGOs.


5. We are committed to promote a conscious network composed of at least an 80% of small and medium enterprises (max. 250 employees) set up independently and run by the local community.

Sustainable tourism in Mauritius: Mauritius Conscious


  • I have to admit I am AMAZED! Thanks to MAURITIUS CONSCIOUS who showed me the real Mauritius. Romina and Gerald were the best planning my trip and I will totally recommend you to book through them and follow their advise and good vibes if you ever visit the island. I will definitely come back to keep exploring Mauritius. There is so much to see and these guys can make it a 100% eco-friendly trip!

    Conscious travelers
    Andrea Ordoñez
  • Had a lovely experience with the people from Mauritius Conscious. Definitely the people to go to to learn about Mauritius, aside all the crowded tourist experiences!

    Mauritius Conscious reviews
    Aik Yang
  • They pushed my holidays to a new level.
    Mountain biking in forests, exploring caves, kayaking through mangroves, good connections to nice guest houses, tips for beaches and hidden spots. They helped me many times with quick responses to my questions. I absolutely like their concept and totally recommend these guys! Mauritius needs you! Keep up the good work.

    tourist doing kayak in Mauritius
    David-Ali Ungan
  • An eye opening experience. Mauritius Conscious gives the perfect combination of interaction with locals with the extra spice of being conscious of our effect as tourists on the environment. Ubuntu is core principle they practice without even knowing.

    Guest reviews of Mauritius Conscious Guide. The #IslandLife pass guest reviews and comments on Mauritius Conscious Guide travellers pass
    Vuyelwa Lindi
    Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Great initiative from a local team that allows us to visit the island with a local perspective and price! Activities are diverse so all tastes can be pleased. I mostly recommend to visit the website before to plan anything in the island. This is a treasure of good advice. There is only one thing I could say to make it better, please put more offers! Sure it will shortly occur! #likealocal

    testimonials and reviews of Mauritius Conscious Guide
    Evan Kassa
    Mayotte Island


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