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Flic en Flac

One of the longest beaches in Mauritius, Flic en Flac is preferred for romantic strolls during sunset and invigorating morning jogs. With an extension of almost 6 km you’ve got plenty possibilities to find your perfect spot between the shadows of filao trees and the turquoise lagoon. You will be able to appreciate shallow coral families close to the shore, so bring along your snorkel and visor to enjoy the fish show. Remember that being so close from corals demands for extra caution, use only reef-friendly sunscreen to protect the coral reefs and your skin.

Flic en Flac is one of the most commercial beaches in the island, which calls for fun and awareness. During weekends it is highly visited by local families who will play the ravanne, sing to sega and set their elaborated camping near the beach. We recommend you to keep a close eye over your stuff or to come with the least valuable belongings to avoid missing them.

Its popularity has made it a hotspot for nightlife, food sellers and water activities, all of which have an unfortunate effect on the coastal and marine environment. Opting for activities that do not employ a boat or generate litter (i.e. stand-up- paddle & snorkel) helps a long way to preserve the ecosystem’s life and beauty.

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