How eating organic can help save our coral reefs

Commercial agriculture commonly uses chemical fertilizers and pesticides that help secure their crops, but such agricultural chemicals are poisoning our water supplies and destroying the value of fertile farmland. Polluted waters are filtered through the earth or transported to the ocean through runoffs, and when they reach the coral barrier, pollutants can cause disease or death to sensitive coral species, while fertilizers aid growth of algae that impedes the growth and reproduction of corals.

According to Cornell entomologist David Pimentel, it is estimated that only 0.1% of applied pesticides reach the target pests. The bulk of pesticides (99.%) is left to impact the environment.

Certified organic standards do not permit the use of toxic chemicals in farming and require responsible management of healthy soil and biodiversity. Buying from organic markets is the only way to increase demand, offer, and support for such movement, which will eventually help farmers drop their prices and have a bigger coverage.

Every action we take has an effect on Earth. Choosing organic markets is a direct vote to immediate health and a hopeful future.

Find more about Mauritius’ organic markets here.

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